Lisa Campbell was born and raised in San Diego.  She got her first taste of learning the guitar at the age of 8.  Mrs. Koontz, Lisa’s 3rd grade teacher, ( Mrs. Koontz actively attended Lisa’s performances until her death in 2010) offered a free guitar class after school.  With much anticipation, Lisa’s parents bought her her first guitar for $39.99 at J.C Pennys. ” My parent’s said I would go in my room for hours and practice songs.  I guess this explains why I can play hundreds and hundreds of songs by memory.  I literally can play 6 hours of non-stop, non-repetitive music.  Crazy! ”  Although Lisa can hold her own on the guitar, her vocals are her strength.  With no vocal training whatsoever, her natural ability and range will inspire you.

In 2003  Lisa went public with her music. Her album “Winds of Change” was born.  ” This Album got me through some really rough times”.  “My husband of 8 years was unfaithful with continued dishonesty yada, yada….Hit me like a Mac Truck So..the album reflects a lot of that pain but also a lot of the positive energy  it took to overcome something that devastating.”  Although the album tells a story with each song, you won’t cry, you’ll tap your feet.  You can find “Winds of Change” on Cdbaby.com as well as on Itunes.com.  Follow the link from the Home Page of this site.  Lisa’s second album is in the works.  You’ll find Lisa’s performances all around town.  She plays solo mostly but occasionally with various artists.  “If  San Diego would just pay a little more, the band would be out more.  We have all resorted to playing solo to make a living. ”

Lisa teaches guitar to approx 45 students per week in group settings.

Lisa actively participates in organizations to help The Elderly, Autism, Cancer, Homeless kids, the San Diego Blood Bank, Legs for Literacy, the Terminally ill, Military vets, etc….the list goes on and on.

“Come on out to a gig…I’d love to meet you” – Lisa.


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